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Open-Source Developers,
Thank you!

The world is a better place — thanks to you!

We understand that the vast majority of open-source software projects are maintained by hobbyists and do not bring a lot of funds, if any. We really want you to continue making the truly free software. After all, OSS is being used everywhere, including commercial software, — but only few pay OSS developers back.

We want to change that

Benefits for OSS developers

We are currently offering the following benefits to the maintainers of OSS applications.

Profit sharing

We are going to share our profits with you, – the maintainer of OSS application we host on our platform. You are the reason our company exists, and you should be rewarded.

The current monetary benefits are:

  • 10% of profits coming from your application are shared with you, no strings attached. Please contact us to verify the maintainer status of the open-source project you're working on.
  • Additional 10% of profits are shared if your application is following best practices for self-hosting applications. This makes your software better, too. We are going to publish a post describing the requirements soon.
  • Additional 10% of profits are shared if you are willing to communicate with users of your applications on our platform. Users can report bugs, request features, or ask for guidance. For example, if a bug is reported — you can create an issue on your issue tracker. This also raises a chance a bounty can be posted!

You get help

You get access to paid users that can fund bounties for bug fixes or new features on platforms like BountySource. We also are going to participate in funding bounties that make it easier to host applications on our platform.

Additionally, our team has a lot of expertise in the area and we can help you make architectural decisions if necessary. We encourage you to follow our best practices for self-hosting applications guide (which is going to be posted soon).

Infrastructure and payments

If you were looking to provide hosted services for your open-source application, but decided it is too complicated to manage the infrastructure, have 24/7 on-call coverage and incident response team — we got this!

We are also taking payments and managing the users. You, as an application maintainer, do not have to go through process to set up billing, payments and create a company to earn profits from your application.


Your application don't have to support features often requested by companies - such as audit trail and SSO — we got this, too! We can maintain an additional authentication layer on top of your application to only allow access based on workspace roles, no changes required from you. We support Google, Azure, Github, and many other services as authentication backend!

Please contact us if you want to host your application on our platform.

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